The Transfer Letter

“Nothing in this world is permanent except the word CHANGE”

it was a suprise when i heard that my name is included in the list of agents who will be transferred to a new account. what???…new ACCOUNT???…na naman?!?. i thought that i’ll be staying in the moneygram form-free account for a long time, but it was just a thought and will never be for real. kunsabagay, nasanay na ako ng palipat-lipat ng account eventhough it is very hard for me but i always keep my mind open for bigger things or opportunities that might happen to me in the future, ganun naman talaga ang buhay sa mundo, lahat ng bagay nagbabago kahit na ang mga tao sa paligid mo nagbabago din maging ikaw, sabi nga “nothing in this world is permanent except the word CHANGE”, everyone of us should accept the fact that everything in this world will not stay forever, in the end, sarili mo pa din ang tutulong sayo to be on top, hindi ang kapit-bahay mo, officemate mo, TL mo o kahit ang pulubi sa daan, nandyan lang sila to give you moral support and strength to go on and fight.

i remember when i was in pacifichub before, my previous and 1st call center company, i started there as a low class agent, i said low class because the account is too easy and a not so challenging account, nakakasawang ulit-ulitin ang spiel kasi outbound local, then suddenly, i was transferred to globe prepaid account, if you compare it with those international accounts there di hamak na mas mahirap naman ang ginagawa namin dun, dahil customer service, we handle diff. kinds of inquiries and complaints about the globe’s product and services, bukod sa queing na araw-araw nakaka-toxic pa, sobrang stressed pero enjoy!..after that, 3 months lang ang itinigal ko dun at nilipat na naman ako ulit, this time, regular postpaid aman at ang huli ay ang pinaka-mataas na local account ng globe which is THE PLATINUM SEGMENT, kung san high-end people ang makakausap mo araw-araw, may foreigners, businessmen at celebrities. nakakatuwang isipin na kapag sinabing taga-plat ka eh SUPER AGENT ang tawag sayo. 🙂

its a new beginning again…
new set of friends…
new skills…
and a brand new experience…

everything happens for a reason and maybe God has a reason why i’ve been transferred, always look at the brighter side, that is the best thing i should do, i’ll never let any negative thoughts to fill my mind.

Team Zephyr's Team Building in Laguna
thank you so much to my Team Zephyr Family!
we will be back equipped with new knowledges and skills…WATCH OUT!..^___^

The world is changing and there seems nothing that we can do but change with it. However, many of these changes sometimes challenge the very nature of our humanity. There is nothing constant in this world except constant change. Change is needed for growth, but not all changes are good, even if they have become acceptable.


~ by alfion lee on October 30, 2010.

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