your grievance shall be avenged…

oh! beautiful shadow lost in the darkness
bringing torment and pain to others
oh! damned soul wallowed in your sin
perhaps, it is time to DIE!…

Have you heard of this particular website where in you can type the name of a person you want to send to hell???…yep! send to hell…then suddenly, a young girl wearing a school uniform will appear right behind you. She is Enma Ai, The Hell Girl(Jigoku Shoujo in japanese term), she will punish your tormentor and send them straight into the depths of hell….sounds exciting!…:-)

Hell Girl is anime series from japan which was premiered starting 2006 and was followed by it’s second season “Hell Girl Futakomori”. After the success of the two seasons, the third installment began airing on Japanese TV on October 4, 2008. The official title of the third season was announced to be “Hell Girl Mitsuganae”, mobile version of the series.

What can I say about Hell Girl?

Hell Girl, is one the best animes I’ve ever watched though it’s theme focuses only in taking revenge, injustice, and hatred, somehow at the end of each episodes there is a lesson about life and how to deal with it. – a supernatural system which can only be access at exactly 12 midnight. It allows people to take revenge by having other people sent to Hell via the services of the mysterious titular character and her assistants who implement this system.

This is  for you, if you truly wish revenge, untie the scarlet thread from his neck, pulling the thread binds you into a covenant w/ me, I will bury the soul of your tormentor straight to the depths of HELL, however, once veangance has been served, you will then have to delivered on your end the bargain. there’s always has to be a price and so when you die your soul will also belong to HELL. you will never know the joys of heaven, your soul will be left and wander thru a world made of pain and agony, there to remain for all of eternity. now, the decision rest w/ you…

will you enter the covenant with hell girl?…creepy…



~ by alfion lee on October 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “your grievance shall be avenged…”

  1. it’s not that obvious na adik ka sa anime na ito ah…
    well i have tried watching the first two episodes of this anime.
    it was anime. in fact if i have the time, i will watch it till d last episode…



  2. *i mean it was nice!

  3. i really love this anime…i wished that hotline to hell is real..=)

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